A Unique and Beloved Online Memorial Website Comes to Life

AdVentures Design & Marketing of Seattle, WA, announces the launch of www.BelovedSamoa.com, the first online memorial member-based website of its kind to celebrate the lives of Samoans all over the world.

It started with a kernel of an idea from Beloved’s founders that Ad Ventures sowed and nurtured for the last year, developing the business model, site concept, design, content, subscription set-up, e-commerce, social media integration, and custom programming.

By design, the site has a built-in viral growth plan. Friends and family can create as many custom memorial microsites as they want for their loved ones and then share them via social media including Facebook and Twitter.

And like Facebook, Beloved site members share information with others via their accounts by logging in to add new memorials, or adding pictures, photos and messages to their existing memorials.

“This site is addictive,” said Creative Director Karen Skeens. “During the pre-launch testing phase, it was so easy to use, it was actually fun creating memorials for fictitious characters and also my childhood cat, Daisy May.”

Alex Howard, Ad Ventures’ managing partner added, “There are three things that make this online memorial website a unique stand-out from other online memorial websites. 1) The target audience, 2) the clean and simple customizable beauty of the memorial micro-site template, 3) and the streamlined interface. A member can easily maneuver through the Beloved site to edit or enhance their existing memorials and add new memorials to their account at any time.

Beloved Founders Henry Amisone and Doris Tevaseu, rolled out BelovedSamoa.com at a formal sit-down dinner on Thursday, June 30, 2012 to a group of friends, family, fellow Samoans and church members. Guest, Natasha Mao, enthusiastically shared. There was nothing but good vibes all evening from the guests. There were a bunch of oohs and aahs. Everyone loved it and was excited about it, especially Doris and Henry; they were practically glowing all night.”

BelovedSamoa.com is based out of Seattle, WA and will have a global reach.

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Karen Skeens

Cyber Visionary and Website Guru with many years of marketing & advertising industry experience selling, marketing, writing and designing.

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