All “Web Geeks“ can talk the talk. But can they walk the talk?

You know who I am talking about: the web designer who, in an extremely convincing way, says “I can do that,” or “sure, won’t take long ….”
By the time you hire him, you’re so wowed that you’ve found the hidden gem, that you believe he can perform web miracles. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a while for the average business owner or marketing director to see that the “can do” is nothing more than a definitely cannot do! But by then, months of valuable planning time and money may have been wasted going in the wrong direction.

What do you do?

We’ll tell you what some people did when this happened to them….they came to Ad Ventures, a full-service web development company, and started over. We’ve heard this type of story many times from businesses whose first website experience was a total misfire, so we empathize. (Perhaps some of these other talkative “web developers” should direct their talents to a good sales position, say at a car lot.)

Interviewing web designers and developers for the past 9 years, in my creative director / website project manager position at Ad Ventures, has made me truly respect the superior talent when it comes our way. I can recognize it a mile away. There is substance behind the knowledgeable developer’s words, proactive solutions, and, most importantly, ethics. A good web developer utilizes dozens and dozens of technologies and skill sets to produce quality sites, and he/she continually studies the Internet and new technologies because they find it rewarding. These are the kind of web developers Ad Ventures’ hires, tests and trains.

We work closely with our web developers, collaborating with them, providing them back-up, education, support, coaching and research so that the attitude is not only always “can do,” but “will do.” And our clients can be assured that there’s a team of highly skilled people “walking the talk” on every website we design on behalf of our clients.

Coming next: What web developers don’t always know….are must-knows for you.


Karen Skeens

Karen Skeens

Cyber Visionary and Website Guru with many years of marketing & advertising industry experience selling, marketing, writing and designing.

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