Google is a wonderful thing

People use Google to find things, but use Google to help your hard-working, highly valued employee be found?

Yes, that’s what you do when you know how to work the search engines, and you know it’s time for your employee to grow her career outside the walls of your own business.

That’s what we did for “Molly.” She went to work for us right after graduating from University of Washington five years ago, starting in an intern position, and eventually expanding her job duties from graphic production to HTML web updates to client interface in a marketing coordinator role. We were her first employer, and mentored her over the years how to market herself for her next great job.

And the time came when it was time to let her go. And so we promoted her and formally gave her the title of “project manager,” her chosen career path. We posted news of this promotion in our blog, unbeknownst to her that we sprinkled the blog with keywords that served as an online reference letter…and a way for the employee’s future employer to find her.

The blog “reference letter” worked. It quickly shot up to Google page 1 for the keywords “Molly Last Name Seattle.”

Keywords “project manager” were included, along with a list of impressive client names she had worked with.

By using Google, we knew “Molly’s” new prospective employer would find our “online reference blog.” Because most employers today use every online resource they can, including Linked In, Facebook and even Google to check out the credibility of a prospective new hire. Our employee successfully got the new job she sought within days after applying, and after only one interview.

Here it is, our online reference blog: 
GOOGLE SEARCH RESULTS, position #5 on Google page #1:

Karen Skeens

Karen Skeens

Cyber Visionary and Website Guru with many years of marketing & advertising industry experience selling, marketing, writing and designing.

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