“Your work shows a lot of commitment and effort on your part. It shows you listened to us. I am pretty encouraged.”
Director of Marketing
"I appreciate all your support and expert design! This is by far our best calendar. I’m so unbelievably excited to get this out now.”
“As heard on a radio commercial earlier today “a company can’t be taken seriously if they don’t have a good website” – thanks to you, we have a BEAUTIFUL website!”
“We love working with AdVentures Design… Creative, hard working, honest people…”
Ultimate Africa Safaris
…I was out looking at about 20 agency sites. There was something about your site that caught my eye…a bit of levity, sort of a light humor, alive, it’s having fun, yet professional. I thought, ‘this is something I connect to.
Ian Proctor
Founder and President
Performance Building Solutions, LLC
What you do invigorates. All of a sudden you reach out with an idea, and I’m invigorated by what I see. Wow, these infographics are really cool. You show that you understand design and visual graphics in today’s market, just like you have done so far with our identity, positioning, messaging, and sales strategy
Patty Anderson
CEO / Manager
Wings Flying Club
I really like the creativity. Outstanding job… great work. I like it a lot. I have not seen the “double carousel” concept used before. I’m usually not that fond of most carousels or slide shows, but this presentation is extremely effective.
Steve Lee
Marketing Consultant
Long Painting
I feel the initial designs you presented us will put us in the same league with (the most active industrial coatings company in the national market) them.
Jeff Engle
Regional Sales Director
EHS Reunion
I just have to say you definitely know how to get folks’ attention, Karen. Love these Rainier ads on Facebook! Great work!!
Laurie Robertson
Reunion Committee Member
Lithtex Northwest
Further proof that Ad Ventures has it going on. Congrats, guys!”
Jess Robinson
Cascade Water Alliance
Looks wonderful…I love the direction… (…in response to seeing the website redesign test link..)
Elaine Kraft
Intergovernmental &
Communications Director
"an honor"
Thank you so much for allowing me to work alongside you both this last month. It was fun, and an honor… and keep being so freaking awesome.”
Kyle Dalan
Web Developer
Beloved Samoa
…bringing out creative ideas through fresh eyes, and your passion for our project is what embraced and captured what Beloved Legacies envisioned. Thank you. You and your team went beyond what was expected and because of that, we are so grateful.”
Henry Amisone
Covington Family Dental Clinic
Since launching our new website, we have already had a spike in new patients last month compared to the monthly totals for the previous year. Also, our search position is 1-3 across the board on Google, Bing, etc.
Dr. Kyle Blair
Freestone Communities
I’m checking the website out and it looks great. This website has turned out far better than we imagined. You guys did a great, great job and you should be proud of the quality of your work.
Lamont Jacobsen
Chief Financial Officer
Built Green
Hi Karen, that looks great. I’m very happy with the new look and and glad you introduced this new idea and steered us away from the path we were going down. This looks great.
Aaron Adelstein
Executive Director
Pathways Physical Therapy
This was the look I wanted: soothing, confident, inviting, supported. YOU ALL ROCK.
Linda Craig
Founder & Owner
Pathways Physical Therapy
Thanks Alex, I have to say every time I pull the work up that you are doing I SMILE since I feel the relaxation, serene, rootedness yet malleable, fluid movement that has hidden power and depth which is what everyone will receive. Thank-you for your team for pulling it off.”
Linda Craig
Founder & Owner
"really impressed"
I was really impressed with the work you did for your clients, really impressed with how well your sites suit the personality of the clients, liked that I saw in the website. Rather than building templates, you start from scratch every time to ensure that it is a unique piece.”
Prospective Client
Health Insurance Services
Your work was outstanding. My business took off like a rocket once the new site went live. I could not believe the volume of business written. Best money I’ve spent in ages, I thank you for your hard work. I love the site and it works like a charm.
Ashly Bexten
Master Builders Association
…the response (to the new website) has been very positive. Thank you, I think it’s beautiful.
Janna Parry
Director of Information Systems
Cascade Lean Consulting
The website you designed and built has worked out great! Everyone who gave feedback was very impressed! I highly recommend you
Chris Waldorf
Conscious Care Cooperative
The new shopping cart looks and works great. Awesome job.
Viet Ly
Fedelta Care Solutions
We’re starting to get positive feedback on the new website. Some from colleagues in the industry, but also from families I’ve spoken to this week. One woman said it was ‘beautiful and full of helpful information’. Another said it was ‘easy to navigate’. We are thrilled with the site and look forward to many more accolades and a boost in leads from online sources!!! Thank you.
April Graves
Client Services Manager