King County Emergency Management 3 Days, 3 Ways” Website Launches

Get ready now for a newly enhanced emergency preparedness website for residents and businesses, which will be launched April 21, coinciding with Washington State’s Disaster Preparedness Month. The website theme is centered around “3 Days, 3 Ways,” the name of King County’s ongoing emergency preparedness campaign: “Prepare for at least 3 days, 3 different ways so you’re ready when disaster strikes.” See the website at

Ad Ventures Design and Marketing, an interactive design and marketing agency, provided the branding, design and development for the website. “We considered why people put off getting ready, then appealed to their underlying objections, the goal being to create inspiration to stop the procrastination,” said Creative Director, Karen Skeens.

“The word ‘disaster’ is a scary topic; one that people don’t want to think about or deal with,” Karen continued. “But the website removes some of the fear factor by providing simple steps that you can get your hands around. Website ‘fun’ elements such as a poll, build-a-kit calculator, adult and custom disaster online games and a downloadable disaster-themed coloring book will engage, involve and educate more people – kids too.”

Ad Ventures was commissioned in September 2010 by the King County Office of Emergency Management to redesign the “3 days, 3 ways” website and worked closely with Mary Hobday, Emergency Management Specialist / City of Federal Way, and the King County Community Preparedness Steering Committee. The committee is represented by several King County cities, Public Health – Seattle & King County, Puget Sound Energy, the American Red Cross and other partner agencies.

A Homeland Security grant provided funding for the public awareness website campaign.

Download a PDF of this press release >

Karen Skeens

Karen Skeens

Cyber Visionary and Website Guru with many years of marketing & advertising industry experience selling, marketing, writing and designing.

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