Strategy Behind the Ad Campaign

From conceptualization to planning media to delivering the call to action
With the gigantic movement of ears and eyes to the internet, its formidable presence commands reconsideration of planning traditional media campaign mixes in print, radio, TV and outdoor. A well-strategized website should play a key role in every advertising campaign regardless of selected advertising mediums. It’s because a quality website has a long shelf life, sells 24-7 and is always available to answer quick questions, provide information or even close the sale. More importantly, there’s so much more you can say and show in your “website-encompassing ad,” much more than a 30-second radio or TV spot or a billboard, for example.

Ideally, every page in a website is part of an ongoing advertising campaign, whether you’re selling a concept or selling a widget or simply your brand.

Who is the campaign designed to reach and how often? Direct Response, in one swoop of an airplane-pulled banner, to increase your Adults 12+ reach? Or is the objective to build frequency with multiple magazine ads that speak to very specific target audiences over a long period of time? Whatever the objective, the call to action in the ad shouldn’t necessarily be to simply visit the business or organization, or buy the product, or implement educational tips, or email or phone for more information. Your primary call to action could be simply to drive people to your website where people can learn more, get qualified, buy or give you permission to contact them by email or phone. At the very least, an incentive to visit your website and sign up for future promotional announcements from your company should be included in as much of your advertising as possible, including direct mail pieces, radio spots, newsletters, e-newsletters and print ads.

Ad Ventures’ team has several years of experience planning, buying and selling radio, television and print. Combine that with our 10 years experience writing advertising copy for the web and placing online ads, and we bring insight and objectivity into the strategy behind the ad, writing the ad, designing the ad, and placing the ad.






Karen Skeens

Karen Skeens

Cyber Visionary and Website Guru with many years of marketing & advertising industry experience selling, marketing, writing and designing.

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