sites that put you on top

A well-strategized website is powerful.  When done right, it can “Take Your Business Places” where the view of possibilities is limitless. These are the kind of sites that AdVentures creates: custom-designed websites that earn an integral role in a firm’s growth & productivity, planned to easily expand & evolve in alignment with long-term goals.

You need a website that 1) looks great and sells 2) functions with an excellent user-friendly interface, 3) is Google-friendly and 4) easy to update. We hear you. We’ve compiled our clients’ feedback, as well as our own, and have identified the best web development tools for our clients.  This will assure you get, not just a quality website, but one that is built with technology that is supported by a large web development community.   

Our recommendations were not developed overnight, but come from a deep level of hands-on experience creating industry-leading websites. We know what makes a great website, as well as the pitfalls to avoid.

For greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the groundwork is laid for your SEO and website marketing same time your website is built. Identifying your target keywords, and then including those keywords in the naming of your site URLs, headlines, image meta data, meta descriptions are steps Ad Ventures recommends implementing. 

We also recommend including a blog, follow and share social media icons to give your website marketing a head start.

our process

for websites that wow!

Unearth the core of your business

Hello Partner! This is where you show us around your place, literally or virtually. We dig deep to bring to light what makes your company unique. We uncover your business personality and voice, and discover your competitive edge.

Plot your timeline

A timeline is planned and designed to be flexible to meet your needs. If you want a fast-track website turned around in a couple of months, we can plan for that. If you need more time to rally your troops for help gathering content, we can adapt to your working style and plan a longer turn-around timeline. 

Explore, kick up some dirt

It’s a must-do checking out the good and the bad in your competition. Ad Ventures reviews your competitor websites to dig up what they do right… but mostly for what they do wrong. (Know the ruts to avoid!) A fresh perspective helps “smooth the path.”

Scout your route

Just like how you know how to get around in your business, a well-planned navigation route will help guide web visitors to where YOU want them to go. With planning comes careful evaluation of your website objectives. Should your web visitor be guided through pages in a specific sequence? Or should you show them the short-cut to specific pages?  We design your navigation and home page so that any visitor will instantly know where to click next.

Stake your position

Find the best words to say what you do and then own them. Ad Ventures’ creative team conceptualizes ideas how best to position your organization or business in your new website. During this creative development phase, we write positioning statements, headlines and brainstorm website theme ideas.

Choose your path

Ad Ventures presents two or three visual home page designs, each one featuring a unique concept. Which path, which design? You choose, then we refine based on your feedback.

Expand your view 

Take a look at the landscape and you’ll see the makings of your entire site at a glance.

Tell your story

Persuade your website visitors through a blend of carefully-selected photos and words. The pictures do the talking by establishing the mood and voice of your website. And the words do the walking, guiding the reader from one page to the next. Ad Ventures reviews hundreds of photos, finding just the right ones to reinforce your message. After all, the ideal photo is worth a thousand words, the best way to tell your company story.

See the site(s)

See your new site, but there’ll be no surprises. What you see is exactly what you expected and hoped for. Because you were informed and involved, viewing step-by-step progress of the building of your website. Enjoy the view!

Reach the top!

The view is the best up here where your target audience can see you. During this stage, we fine-tune your search engine optimization to put your website on top of Google and Bing search results. And we track your website performance through Google Analytics and various other online marketing tools… to expand your horizons.