What happens when you ask for “custom” WordPress but get “template” WordPress?

It ain’t pretty. You think you contracted a custom WordPress website, only to find out three months into it that you’re locked into specific photo dimensions and layouts . . .

You complain, ask for changes and three weeks later the changes haven’t been done yet. This cycle repeats, and repeats again. Why? Probably because your web developer doesn’t know how to customize your website template beyond the limitations of the WordPress theme.

Why are you so locked in? Because your website design company sold you a customizable WordPress template, pre-programmed code at fixed dimensions. “Customizable” can mean a lot of things, often just customization of the color or the font choice or the text size. But not customizable when it comes to moving things around on the web page, enlarging photos, and many other design touches that makes a website design unique to your company. Often when a developer chooses to build your website working with an existing WordPress theme, it’s because they are working with a bargain basement budget, or their skillset doesn’t allow them to do more advanced custom theme WordPress development.

What’s the end result when your company requires “custom” but gets “template”? You lose several months of website marketing productivity, website deposits, and time trying to manage a no-win web design only to have to start over with another web design company who does do custom websites. OR….you settle with a cookie cutter template and suffer the consequences.

How do you prevent this from happening? Read this article about how to ask for a custom WordPress theme-developed website in a way that assures you “custom from scratch” and not “customized template.”

Karen Skeens

Karen Skeens

Cyber Visionary and Website Guru with many years of marketing & advertising industry experience selling, marketing, writing and designing.

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